The Fat Cat is designed to be ridden however you like! With or without fins. The single concave, channels water from the front of the board and passes out the tail. The design allows for faster surfing and works well in small, clean surf. The long single concave will enable tighter turns and can stick to a wave face causing it to track with ease and slide out far less than any other finless board.


  • Core: Moulded Fusion X
  • Deck: 10lb PE
  • Slick: Xtra Duralinx
  • Tail: Crescent Tail
  • Features: Reinforced double stringer system, single V concave, Bones and Shanks fin system (twin fin), leash plug.


4'8" only.

4'8" X 21 3/4" X 2 7/16"

35 Litres

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