Ocean and Earth EziRider

$ 399.00

The Ocean and Earth EziRider is a perfect board for the beginner in the family to get the taste of surfing. An extremely stable board makes standing up a breeze and paddling easy. It is also a fun board for surfers who want that muck around board for the smaller days down the beach with friends or family. With different sizes and colours available, there is an EziRider to suit any level and size surfer.

*Prices start from $399.00


1.DECK WBS (Water Barrier Skin) / IXL lightweight, crosslinked PE skin. Highly water resistant. Extremely durable. Excellent grip and impact resistant, 
2.SUBSTRATE Impact resistant PE foam substrate material for high strength lamination, 
3.STRINGERS Increase board strength. Stringers are moulded directly into the core to give superior strength and maintain rocker (nose & tail lift), 
4.CORE Highly waterproof and lightweight, EPS +2 Stringers
5.BOTTOM PLATE 1mm thick HDPE high density polyethelene plate. Durable, extra strength performance slick, 
FINS 3x4.5" IFBS Fin Box, 







Colour options:

Lime, navy, orange, pink and yellow.

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