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Flat Rate Shipping From $10 - FREE Shipping For Purchases Over $100*

A few things to consider before you purchase a SUP?


For many of you, owning a Stand Up Paddle Board will be a massive investment and a completely type of sporting equipment to anything you have ever owned. I remember getting my first board and wondering how I could put this thing on the car, strap it on to the car, how to store it and  how to look after it! Aargh!

Some things for you to consider before purchasing your SUP;

  1. Where are you going to store your board. Perhaps some racks to get off the floor away from the kids, car and the dog.
  2. Do you need a cover? Perhaps this is a good idea if it is stored in a high traffic area (such       as the garage). We usually find a board gets damaged at home or when you are travelling.
  3. Have you got room for your SUP? Keep in mind that most SUPs are usually about 10′       foot long (at least). If you live in a unit or with tricky entry to your storage area can you get it in? Would an inflatable SUP be a better option?
  4. How are you going to transport your SUP? Do you have roof racks if it is on your car or do you need to buy some soft racks. Perhaps you are blessed and you live close to the water. Do you need a trolley to make transport a little easier?
  5. Do you have a storage place that doesn’t get too hot in summer? SUPS are not a fan of super hot places. Heat will damage your board.

These are some of the practical storage problems. For most of us, it will come down to what we can afford and what will suit us. On a personal note, like most things in my life, my decision ultimately comes down to how pretty the board is…Anyway, I’m digressing.

I recommend for your first SUP, getting advice from someone who wants to help you out. If you can preferably have a demonstration (a ride) or a lesson on the same sort of board you are going to purchase.

Dont be afraid to ask the questions,

  1. Why would I want that board?
  2. Why is it good for my skill level?
  3. Why would it be suited to me?
  4. Why is it so cheap/dear?
  5. Why is it so big?
  6. What other equipment do I need? (Paddle, leg rope, fins, cover)


Remember, no question is a silly question when you are spending a lot of money. Always keep in mind that by buying a good quality product and caring for that item, will mean that the product should last a long time and mean that you don’t have to repeat this process (for a while).


One of my favourite items in my sporting equipment is my SUP. It is an amazing way to explore our magnificent waterways. Buying the right board will mean that you have fun from the first time to the last time you SUP.


For information or advice, we can be contacted at Jungle Surf (02) 65558556 or email info@junglesurfsupschool.com.au



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