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Smoothstar Flying Fish 32


  • Turning mechanism SmoothStar Thruster I
  • Length 32″ by width 25.5 cm
  • Deck Thickness from American Beech and Canadian Maple


Smoothstar Flying Fish 32

This is the Smooth Star model groms are frothing over most. The super responsive sharp turning and slightly cheeky Flying Fish model graphics. Perfect for practising those surf manoeuvres such as bottom turning and cut backs.

The nice wide slightly concave deck and swallowtail kicker allows you to perform effortless tail slides while the thruster turning mechanism allows you to drive the board forward accelerating you into your next turn.

Age bracket: Groms of all ages who want to take on the world. Senior surfers looking for a new best friend.

Turning Mechanism SmoothStar Thruster I
Deck Length 32″ Green and natural Timber finish deck
Deck Thickness 5 x ply Stradified American Beech + 2 x ply Canadian Maple
Deck Width 25.5 cm
Wheel Base 52 cm measured from the outside of truck
Wheels New Green SmoothStar Stingrays 6.2 x 4.5 cm, 83a hardness, urethane mix
Wheel Bearings ABEC 7
Trucks Polished Aluminium

Turning Mechanism

Designed specifically for surfers in mind. Thruster I is the original spring loaded turning mechanism. Designed to fit directly onto the skateboards front trucks. Allows the front trucks to turn freely way beyond a normal front truck skateboard set up. This allows the board to become self propelling, no pushing is required. When fitted to your board, it becomes one of the best surf training tools available. Constructed of strong aluminium, steel springs washers and bearings. The Thruster I is adjustable for extra control on slopes to loose feel for the flats. It also fits all SmoothStar models and most other skateboard brands offering similar results depending on the length of your board and height. Please note: the SmoothStar Thruster I is not recommended for decks under 25″


New SmoothStar Stingray wheels, these ones in Green. Stingrays were developed specifically for SmoothStar surfing skateboards. They provide a combination of smooth carving, soft absorption to ride on the streets roads but hard enough to do tail slides. The added hardness means they will last longer than softer wheels. You will also see in the centre of the wheel is our Stingray, who grips the turns, just like they do the ocean floor.


Smoothstar board recommendations*

Surfer Height Weight Recommended Board Size of Range
+ 155cm 25kg – 50kg sb2-5 26″ range
+ 155cm 25kg – 50kg sb2-5 30″ range
153cm – 170cm (5″0′ – 5″7′) 40kg – 75kg sb2-5 32″ range
160cm – 181cm (5″3′ – 5″11′) 55kg – 95kg sb2-5 32.5″ range
162cm – 183cm (5″4′ – 6″0′) 55kg – 85kg sb2-5 33″ range
168cm – 186cm (5”5’ – 6”1’) 60kg – 95kg sb2-5 34″ range
180cm – 193cm (5″11′ – 6″4′) 70kg – 100kg sb2-5 35.5″ range
182cm – 203cm (6″0′ – 6″8′) 85kg – 120kg sb2-5 39″ range

*If you like more drive from your bottom and top turns, we recommend getting a board a little bit bigger. If you are in doubt, get a board that is slightly bigger, never get a board that is smaller.


Wheel Base and Deck Length

Wheel base is really one of the key aspects of choosing the right SmoothStar for your riding ability. Typically the shorter the wheelbase, the tighter the turning and more critical turns. However, you don’t want it too short that you shorten the width of your legs too much that you lose balance. Typically, we recommend thinking about your surfing stance which is approximately a little bit wider than the width of your shoulders. Measure the width of your stance against the Wheels Base of the SmoothStar models.





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