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Creatures of Leisure Drop in Surf Ear Dryer


  • helping surfers, swimmers and divers protect their ear health
  • Available in Ear Cleanser and Ear Dryer

Colour: Assorted
Size: O/S



Drop In Surf™ eardrops – helping surfers, swimmers and divers protect their ear health after being in the elements. As surfers who spend a lot of time in the ocean, we needed a way to help keep our ears dry and unblock clogged ears. Nothing on the market stood up. Drop In surf was born as a result, using two specially formulated solutions – one to help remove excess moisture, the other to help remove excess wax. It’s even backed
by doctors as a proven way to maintain long-term ear health.

Drop In Surf™ Ear Dryer helps dry water in the ear after being in the surf, reducing
the chance of bacterial infection (Swimmers Ear). It may also be helpful in the
prevention of Surfers Ear (Exostosis).

Drop In Ear Dryer is a dual action formula that helps dry out excess moisture and
combat bacterial growth and infection. The drops mix with the water in your ear
then speed up evaporation. Things are then left cleaner and protected with a
non-toxic residue to inhibit bacterial growth.

  • Recommend for use following swimming, surfing, or diving as needed.
  • 17mg/ml Glacial Acetic Acid, 630 mg/ml Isopropyl Alcohol.
Drop In Surf™ Ear Cleanser helps clear excessive earwax build-up by allowing
wax to flow freely and unblock naturally.
The active ingredient of Drop In Ear Cleaners, hydrogen Peroxide, reacts with
earwax causing an aerating fizz action that breaks up stubborn blockages and
allows wax to flow freely.
  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide.
How often do I use
We recommend using Drop In Cleanser 1-3 times a week to maintain a healthy
amount of wax in the ear. However, it can be used once daily if removing an extra
stubborn build-up of excess earwax.
Is the Popping/cracking sound normal
Yes, the crackling/popping sound occurs because the active ingredient is
reacting with earwax, dust, dirt, sand and other particles. Although it feels
unusual, it is completely normal. If the crackling/popping sound does not occur,
it indicates that there is no excess earwax or any other particles.

Colour: Assorted


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